Collaborate Delta has identified a need and desire for Delta organizations to strengthen their collective practices, partnerships, and alliances. The practice of engaging disparate groups using a social planning framework is primarily aimed at engaging those not traditionally part of collective planning processes. It is hoped that leveraging these diverse organizations will increase the social connectedness of their members to impact the larger community of Delta in positive ways. Reaching out to non-traditional organizations (i.e. community service, sports, environmental, multi-faith groups, and business associations) is hoped to leverage a network to ensure social mandates are facilitated with the support of community leaders.  Collaborative inquiry will ideally uncover strategies to support partnership development and to help co-create a blueprint for mobilizing change throughout other communities. In 2013-14 Collaborate Delta through independent research conducted Three Open Space sessions to collect community data. The following links represent the culmination of the principle data. A full report is forthcoming as it is tied to a Vancouver Foundation deliverable titled: New Voices, New Dialogue that completes in 2017. For more information contact

Download the Open Session Documentation: